• Membership Fee

Ten Point O Gymnastics is a private club that requires a yearly membership.  Every child must have this membership in order to participate in classes.  The membership fee is $36 per child or a family membership fee of $75.   The membership comes due annually based on the first month you register for classes.


We allow only ONE make-up per session, regardless of the number of classes you may have missed.  To schedule a make-up you must notify the office of your child’s missed class date and schedule a make-up at that time.  All make-up classes must be scheduled through our office within one week of missing class.  If a make-up is not made during the session you missed class, then you forfeit your make-up class.   Make-ups are subject to availability and are a courtesy to our members.


In case of nasty weather, we will update our phone message, Facebook page, and send emails with information about delays and closings. We do NOT follow North Ridgeville City School closings or any other school district. Any classes missed due to us closing the gym would result in a specific make-up class. TPO cannot guarantee the make-up class will fit your schedule.


Remember, these holiday closings will not affect your four-week sessions.  Ten Point O will be closed on the following Holidays:

  • Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Winter & Spring Breaks (specific dates are announced each year – refer to the session calendar)

Pre-School & Recreational Gymnastics Programs:  One piece leotard and gymnastic or ballet shoes, long hair must be tied back and no tights or skirts are allowed.

Tumbling Programs: Participants should wear shorts and T-shirt that tucks in.  (Sleeveless T-shirts may be worn NO tank tops.)  All clothing must cover the participants back and stomach.  All clothing should be loose & comfortable; free of buttons, zippers, & buckles. All Flipper & Twister participants must wear gymnastics shoes.

Boys: Loose fitting shorts or sweat pants (no snaps, zippers or buckles), T-shirt that tucks in and grip socks

Ninja Zone: Ninja Zone participants must wear Ninja Zone t-shirt, headband, and Ninja Zone socks. All of these items must be purchased prior to class. Loose fitting shorts of your choice are also required.

NOTE: There is to be NO gum chewing or jewelry permitted during any class.


    • Each family is required to have credit card or debit card information on file for unpaid session payments throughout the school year.
    • I understand that my child is continuously enrolled in class and will incur session tuition charges on my account until I notify the office in writing that my child is withdrawing from class.
    • Tuition is due the last class of the current session your child is enrolled in (one week prior to the next session beginning). If payment is not received the last class of the current session your child is enrolled in (one week before the first class of the next session), the credit card on file will be charged.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.
    • Tuition is based on a 4-week session.  (Please refer to the session calendar or our parent handbook for specific session and payment dates.)
    • I understand that if my credit card is declined, there will be a $10 decline fee charged to my account.
    • Ten Point O’s returned check fee is $40.
    • If your account is 7 days past due, you will receive a notice and your child will not be allowed to participate in classes.
    • When an account is 60 days past due, TPO reserves the right to send your account to a collection agency.