Kangaroo’s (Ages 18 months-3 years)

This is a parenting experience you won’t want to miss!  This structured parent-tot class will introduce more physical challenges such as climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging, throwing, catching and more!  TPO’s enthusiastic staff will teach the basic physical skills while stimulating little minds to crave more learning and movement.

  • Class Length 30 minutes/week

Leaping Lions (Ages 3-4)

Three & four year old “leaping lions” develop independence by having class without a parent (although parents are welcome to watch and be close at hand). Leaping Lions are learning to stay with the group, beginning to understand and follow directions, while at the same time developing independence from their parents. Our lesson plans will build on those concepts while introducing your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing gross motor strength, coordination, and early gymnastics fundamentals.

  • Class Length: 45 minutes/week

Mighty Monkeys (Ages 4-pre-k)

The Mighty Monkey’s class designed for 4&5 year olds in preschool (or enrolling in preschool) and who follows directions and are ready for a faster paced class. At this age, your child has gained listening skills which allow for more opportunity to learn. This class will continue to focus on gross motor development (coordination, strength, spatial awareness, and body control) while adding more opportunities for easy gymnastics fundamentals. By creatively incorporating more skill development into our themed base lesson plans, you will really see your child’s self-esteem and confidence “swinging” throughout this class!!

  • Class Length: 45 minutes/week


Below is the 2019 summer brochure with class days, times, and prices.  Registration for summer is on site only. Please note we do have a 24 hour registration policy so you must be registered 24 hours before the class begins. Please call our office for exact hours: 440-353-0101. Thank you for your interest in Ten Point O and we hope to see you soon!

2019 Summer Brochure

2019-2020 Membership Form