Parent-Toddler Program (18 months — 3 years)

This delightful and enjoyable program is a great chance for your child to learn early socialization skills and to help your child develop an enthusiastic attitude toward fitness. This is a parenting experience you won’t want to miss!

Child’s Attire: Comfortable clothes–nothing with snaps, zippers or buttons–and socks on feet. There are to be NO skirts attached or over the leotards.

Parent’s Attire: Preferably comfortable clothes and tennis shoes.  Absolutely no high heels!

Length: 30 minutes once a week

Leaping Lion’s and Mighty Monkey’s Gym Program (3 – 5 year olds)

Leaping Lion and Mighty Monkey classes are designed for children ages 3, 4, and 5 year olds not in Kindergarten. All classes meet once a week and emphasize developmental motor learning and basic gymnastic skills. We have a special space devoted to this age group that includes gymnastic equipment specifically designed for their age, height and weight. Most classes have multiple teachers to accommodate children of varying ages and skill levels.

Class Attire (Girls): Leotard and gymnastics shoes (available at Ten Point O) or ballet shoes; hair tied back; no jewelry. There are to be NO skirts attached or over the leotards.

Class Attire (Boys): Loose, comfortable shorts (no snaps or buttons), T-shirt that tucks in and grip socks.

Length: 45 minutes once a week